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Welcome to the CACCTUS Portal. CACCTUS is an upgrade to the United States Marine Corps’ (USMC) Combined Arms Staff Trainer (CAST). The CACCTUS system is comprised of simulation, 2D and 3D visuals, interfaced C4I, synthetic terrain, and After Action Review (AAR) software. One of the major aims of CACCTUS is to immerse Marines in a realistic, scenario-driven environment so that commanders and their battle staffs can train or rehearse combined arms tactics, techniques, procedures and decision-making processes. CACCTUS is a combined arms staff training system that, when fully fielded will enable comprehensive Marine Corps staff, unit, and team training both at home station CAST facilities and through distributed training involving remote CAST facilities. CACCTUS provides fire support training for the MAGTF elements up to and including the MEB level.
October 28, 2015
Representatives from Team CACCTUS are currently scheduled to visit the CAST facilities at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton from 17-23 October 2015 and the Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Training Command 29 Palms from 2-6 November 2015. While there, the team will conduct site survey activities to include investigating current technical issues while reestablishing working relationships with the team in the field. Members of Team CACCTUS will meet simulation support personnel to discuss how the system is currently working, how CACCTUS can more effectively meet their needs going forward, and opportunities to enhance the CACCTUS system under the new contract.
October 27, 2015
Riptide Software was awarded a five-year contract by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) to continue its support of the Combined Arms Command and Control Trainer Upgrade System (CACCTUS) project. This is the second time the USMC awarded Riptide Software the CACCTUS contract, previously being awarded in 2011.
CEO of Riptide Software, Philip Loeffel said, “I am absolutely ecstatic by the amazing work that the entire CACCTUS team accomplished by winning this award. It’s an honor for Riptide to once again play a role in training our Marines prior to deployment and doing our part to serve this great country.”
CACCTUS immerses trainees in a realistic, scenario-driven environment which enables unit commanders and their staff to rehearse tactics prior to any physical engagement. “We are very happy with the USMC’s decision to retain Riptide as the CACCTUS provider allowing us to continue the journey we started four years ago. We believe that we can apply our expertise in emerging technologies and advanced learning systems to further the capabilities of CACCTUS and ultimately provide the Marines with unparalleled training”, added Barry Clinger, CTO of Riptide Software.
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